Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Pale Fire & homophobia (fwd)
I believe that being in the space between idealistic representation and
stereotypical representation is the preferred space. Some might argue that
to be outside the society that demands normalized behavior is a preferable
space to be in than that of society's approved spaces. In other words,
being mad, crazy, schizo, is a much more liberating representation. If you
fight the subversive representation then what representation are you
fighting for?

Robert Aguirre

> Alexander Justice writes:
>> I remain convinced that the real complaint is that
>> VVN did not create any appropriate, politically correct role model gay
>> characters, as if that were somehow an ethical fault.
> ....and this is, of course, very much to the point. That in itself is not, of
> course, an ethical fault, but still, doesn't one wonder why the only major
> gay character in Nabokov is a plagiarist and a madman? I think one cannot
> help gathering from this that there is a negative view of some sort about
> homosexuality (exceedingly common then and now). Frankly, I don't blame
> Nabokov for this so much as the many list members who seem to think that this
> is perfectly lovely and a purely aesthetic choice. Really? Prove it if you
> can.
> Christopher Berg
> Tentender@aol.com