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Re: Frederick Raphael's ``Lo and Behold-``-Annotations? (fwd)
A few hints I knew I could find in a few.

References are to Annotated Lolita.

Marguerite Byron is also from the list of Lolita's
classmates, pg. 53

Ditto for Floyd Austin.

Red Rocks: pp. 15 (the near-consummation of HH's
affair with Annabel takes
place 'in the
violet shadow of some red rocks forming a kind of
cave), 18 ('nine' and
'fourteen' as the
boundaries--the mirrory beaches and rosy rocks), the
Annabel rocks
referred to again as
"Roches Roses" on pg. 41.

John William Narins

> EDITOR's NOTE. In re Jay Livingstons's queries: Oleg
Sherva and Irving
> Flashman are from Humbert's list of Lolita's
classmates. Any help on the
> others? ---------------------
> From: Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
> Although I got the allusions, the whole
> thing seemed rather lifeless to me. It was
intended, I assume, as as a
> parody of or tribute to Pia Pera's LO'S DIARY, which
I liked even less.
> Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
> Associate Professor of English
> Holy Cross College
> ssweeney@holycross.edu
> FROM: Jay Livingston:
> I read Frederic Raphael's "Lo and Behold" after it
was linked here (6
> Feb). (I still remember and admire "Darling" and
some of his TV
> scripts--"The Glittering Prizes" and "Oxford
Blues.") "L&B" was an
> enjoyable pastiche, but I'm afraid I got only a
small number of the
> allusions--Girodias, Mary Quant, Warren Beatty, Lina
Wertmuller (I think),
> and of course Brian Boyd. Most of the others,
including (and I'm probably
> revealing too much ignorance or memory failure here)
the multiple
> references to Red Rock, went by me. Gwen Fairplay,
Margarite Byron,
> Ribillo, Irving Flashman, Nubar Boom Boom Gemujian,
Floyd Austin, Oleg
> Sherva, et. al. Are any of these worth knowing?
> Jay Livingston
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