Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Russian
EDITOR's NOTE. Continuing the list of Russian VN publications generously
send to NABOKV-L by Svetlana Polsky.... .

I would remark that the rapidly growing number of scholarly (and other
Nabokov) articles in Russian (and other languages) suggests the hazards of
writing about Nabokov's work without knowing Russian. Brian Boyd's new
book on PALE FIRE shows clearly that a firm grasp of things Russian is
important even for studying VN's English-language works.

Savely Senderovich & Elena Shvarts (Cornell) "Zakon, dannyi Mnemozine. ob
avtobiograficheskom zhenre u Vl. Nabokova. In REVUE des etudes slaves,
Paris Lxx/4, pp. 825-836. Although Boyd, Charles Nicol, and I have all
given more than passing notice to the Tristram (& Isolde) legend in VN's
work, Senderovich & Shvarts here provide the most thorough survey to date.

Irina Zaxarieva (Sophia, Bulgaraia) "Sinteticheskaia model' russkogo
emigrantskogog romans (_Mashen'ka Vl. Nabokova_) in SLAVIA ORIENTALIS,
XLVII, #1, 1999, pp. 8-17. According to the abstract the article analyses
the original artistic structure of MARY and demonstartes its relationship
to A. Blok's lyrical cycle "Verses to a Fair Lady."

V.V. Savel'eva (Alma Ata) "Tvorchestvo i zlodeistvo v romane V. Nabokova
'Otchayanie'". RUSSKAYA rech', 32/1999 (March-Apr), pp. 10-16. Russian
lit. subtexts in DESPAIR. Duplicates material long since plumbed

The same issue of RODNAYA RECH' offers O.B. Markova's "'Terra Incognita'
Vladimira Nabokova", pp. 17-20.

Sergei Il'yin. "Poriadok slov. Pis'mo perevodchika 'Ady' i drugix romanax
romanov Vladimira Nabokov. Nezavisimaia gazeta, 25 Jun 1999.

Ilya Lainer, "Drugoi Nabokov" An interview with 77 year old Platon
Iosifovich Nabokov who tells how his remote connection with his famous
namesake touched his life in Soviet Russia. OGONEK, Dec 20, 1999,
pp. 18-19.