Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: VN issue of _Inostrannaya literatura_
Dear Jeff,
Anything you would like said (or not said) before I sent this out?
I do hope you are looking into publishing your SL. I was also thinking we
should translate and try to place Sergei's essay on his life as a VN
translator. For money -- for him.
best, Don

Our Russian colleagues have marked Nabokov's Centenary quite lavishly. The
Dec. 1999 issue of INOSTRANNAIA LITERATURA, a journal devoted to Russian
translations of other literatures, focuses on an aspect of Nabokov that is
rarely treated by the majority of Russian critics -- the joys of artful

The separate section entitled "The Shadow of Nabokov" opens with an
introduction by S. Gandelevskii. The texts include the playful original
concluding chapter of CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE that was first printed in the
NEW YORKER last April and Aleksei Medvedev's article "Outwitting Nabokov"
(Perexitrit' Nabokova). Two long fictional works are of particular
interest: _SILVERY LIGHT. The Real Life of Vladimir Nabokov_ by one
"Charles Kinbote" should be familiar to readers of ZEMBLA
<http: //www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/nsintro.htm>, the WWW-site
of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society established by Jeff Edmunds.
The other is a novella _Two Years_ (Dva goda) by the French writer Eric
Orsenna. It is translated by N. Buntman and A. Degtyar' while all of the
English texts are translated by Sergei Il'yin, the well-known
English-to-Russian Nabokov translator.