Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Lepidoptery
EDITOR's NOTE. NABOKOV'S BLUES, the recent book by Kurt Johnson
<belina@dellnet.com> and Steve Coates is featured today (Sunday Jan. 9)
in The Washington Post's Book World. The volume not only provides a new
assessment of VN's stature as a lepidopterist but is a deligth for any one
interested in natural history.

A long article by Kurt Johnson entitled "Vladimir Nabokov's Tropical
Lepidoptery: A Window on the Past, A Warning About the Future" appeared in
Lepidoptera News, 1999 (No. 3 [September, mailed in December]) p. l; 4-8
[double column, 10 pt. type]) with 12 illustrations (including six species
of Nabokov's Blues now considered endangered species in South America).

This piece is expanded on, with color photos, in the zembla website feature
"Nabokov's Endangered Blues" which Jeff Edmonds ran as of January 1, 2000.
These two
articles resurrected a section from Nabokov's Blues which had been edited
out as too detailed. The two pieces emphasize that a recent overview of the
biodiversity crisis published in the bird journal The Auk (by Dr. A.
Townsend Peterson, Univ. Kansas Museum) has uncanny relevance to assessing
the overall importance of (i) Nabokov's contribution to science and (ii) his
entomological career as an icon of the transition within biological science
from the era of the 18th-19th Century "gentleman-naturalist" to the complex
and specialized discipline professional biology is today. Thanks are due
Jeff Edmonds for working up the zembla feature I submitted to him. This
colorful presentation, along with the array of weblinks Jeff provides, make
from some great browing and reading. Resurrected in these links also is
Robert Dirig's colorful and informative article on the Karner Blue published
in a past issue of the American Butterflies (North American Butterfly