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Lolita Dust Jackets (fwd)
From: "Gregory P. Kochansky" <kochnsky@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>

I'm an undergrad at Princeton University writing independent work on the
publication history of Lolita. Specifically, I'm focusing on the various
graphical dust jackets and paperback book covers that have adorned
American editions of the novel since its initial publication and how they
relate to the text itself.

I'm trying to collect photocopies and/or scanned images of these various
cover designs and was wondering if anyone on the list either has an
extensive collection of these editions that they would be willing to
reproduce for me (at my expense, of course) or if anyone knows of a
collector, bibliographer or other archival resource that might be able to
provide me with such materials. (I don't need every minor variation; one
example of each general cover design--there are perhaps 15 total--would be
sufficient for my purposes.)

Thanks so much for your help,
Greg Kochansky

Greg Kochansky
302 Wright Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544