Vladimir Nabokov

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LOLITA Out Loud--March 29, 2000 (fwd)
From: Susan Elizabeth Sweeney <ssweeney@holycross.edu>

I am very happy to announce an unusual event to mark the end of Vladimir
Nabokov's centenary year. Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts,
where I teach, will host a reading aloud of the entire text of LOLITA on
Wednesday, March 29, 2000.

The event, called "LOLITA Out Loud," will take place in the Hogan Campus
Center from that morning until late that night. The evening will feature
local Nabokov scholars as readers and readings of some passages in
Nabokov's own Russian translation. Nabokov himself will perform the
penultimate chapter (unfortunately, by means of an extant recording rather
than a posthumous visit).

The reading will be accompanied by an exhibit, in the main reading room of
Holy Cross's Dinand Library, of Nabokoviana related to LOLITA, as well as
by showings of Kubrick's and Lyne's film versions, with a vote on which is
the more satisfying adaptation of the novel.

If you would like to listen to or participate in any part of the reading,
please let me know. I am planning additional festivities for the
Nabokovians who attend.

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney