Vladimir Nabokov

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Millenium Push Re Protection of Karner Blue and Other
Endangered Blues (fwd)

As noted recently under NEWS on "Zembla", Several Websites will Link
in Jan./Febr. 2000 for Special Co-Features on Endangered Blue Butterflies

Five websites will interlink in January and February 2000 to each carry
parts of a special feature concerning endangered Blue butterflies worldwide.
Especially featured will be Nabokov's Karner Blue of the United States
along with seven Blues from South America more recently documented as
endangered (Lepidoptera News, Sept. 1999). Stories and reports on these
interlinked webs will be both general and popular, scientific, and activist.
The jump-off site will be a popular butterfly and bird gardening website
(www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/butterfly_gardening) which will key the story
by button links to the other sites.
The other sites and their topics will be: the Nabokov website "Zembla"
(www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/zembla.htm) which will post a new
"Nabokov's Endangered Butterflies" with text and graphics. The "action"
for people "wanting to do something" will be Save the Pine Bush/Karner Blue
Legal Defense Fund (www.wizvax.net/lynjax/SPB.html) which will outline and
their efforts to protect the Pine Bush habitats that support the Karner
Zoland Books (www.zolandbooks.com) which expand its exerpts from
Nabokov's Blues to include an abridged sections of the biodiversity and
Karner Blue chapter "Dancing with Fire".
In addition there will be a new website announced at that time under
the auspices of the American Ethical Union which will center specifically
on the Karner Blue and other endangered Blues worldwide. Its first feature
be interviews with, and exerpts from writings by, major scientists and
conservationists working on endangered Blues along with illustrations and
graphics. One feature will report on the recent successful reintroduction
the Karner Blue to the Ohio Pine Breaks by the Toledo Zoo. The sites will
also list the Lepidopterists' Society website (www.zipee.com [search Nature
and Wildlife; search Butterflies; search Lepidopterist]) for its Nabokov
summer 1999.
After the special January and February features, the sites listed above
subsequent to Suite101.com will continue their features indefinitely.
This effort has been initiated, as the calendar of the Nabokov Centenary
winds down (toward April 2000) to put a new focus on the plight of the
Blue in eastern North America and introduce, for the first, time the threats
to numerous species in Nabokov's genus Pseudolucia in South America.
Watch these sites when the millenium hits. Readers of NABOKV-L will
be pleased to know that a LARGE number of lepidopterists, specialists AND
enthusiasts, have combined their talents to make this effort possible. Its
a worthy cause.