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MLA Dinner (fwd)
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From: Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>
We are all set for a dinner on Monday, Dec. 27, after two IVNS panels. I
got responses from 25 people but reserved it for 25-30, just in case.
The reservation is for 7:15, at Russian Tea Time, which is in downtown
Chicago within a walking distance from both MLA and AATSEEL hotels. The
owners agreed to give us a semi-private, less noisy space and also to let
us each pay separately.

The address, once again, is 77 E. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60603. If you are
not planning to go in a group soon after the panels and need directions,
the best way to get them is to go to www.yahoo.com and click on "Maps."
The site also gives you "Driving Directions" where you can type in the
address of your hotel and the address of the restaurant, in response to
which within two seconds you will get both very detailed instructions of
how to get there and maps of the area. Great service, especially for
topographically and geographically challenged like myself! :)


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