Vladimir Nabokov

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Conference: Russian Society for American Culture Studies--Nabokov
Round Table Discussion
The Russian Society for American Culture Studies and Moscow State
University Journalism Department will hold its XXVth Annual conference on
December 3-10, 1999. Its title is "American Culture and Literature on the
Verge of the Third Millenium"

There will be eight sections and three round tables
1. Journalism: Traditions and Points of Growth
2. Legacy of the 19th Century for the 21st
3. Contemporary Prose and Contemporary Culture: Constituent Elements
4. Poetic America
5. America on Stage
6. Multiculturalism in the USA on the Verge of the 21st Century
7. Women in American Culture
8. Interrelation of the American and World Culture

Round Table Discussions: Ernest Hemingway's Centenary
Vladimir Nabokov's Centenary
Imprints: Images of America and Russia
Registration $25.
Farewell Dinner. $25

Contact person: Larisa Mihaylova, RSACS SECRETARY
Ph: (095) 203-89-12
Fax: (095) 203-28-89
E-mail: larisa@journ.msu.ru

Russian Society of American Culture Studies
Journalism Dept., Rm. 217
Lomonosov State University
Mokhovaya 9, Moscow 103914