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Here in Italy Vladimir
Nabokov is considered a great writer, because of Lolita, but for the rest of
his work - that I consider at the same level, not rarely better than
Lolita - he is nearly unknown. Imagine that I've search for years an old
translation of "Ada" (printed in 82!) and only now I've the opportunity to
buy it. Adelphi, one of our main publishers, is re-printing the complete
works of Nabokov. The last works published were King, Queen, Knave,
Lolita of course, The Eye, Strong Opinions, The real life of Sebastian
Knight... and, last week, finally, Ada or ardor. Probably Nabokov is not
required by the market - and many, many readers - here - have read nothing
about him or, at least, Lolita. I think the ghost of Mr. Nabokov, wherever
he were, should know the reasons - reasons that, perhaps, you have discussed
a lot in this list.

AS for Pia Pera's Novel? More or less the same as Nabokov... Peace,
silence. Yes, I read some reviews years ago, but there was not nota furor
this book. The Lo's diary passed through Italy without any resounance,
without noise... I know that it does exist an English version of Pia Pera's
novel. What about there? Probably this book is much more indicated to the
American readers, I think.
I will inform the list about the reviews of Ada - I'm curious too.

Loris Binotto.