Vladimir Nabokov

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MLA (Chicago) IVNS Panels -- Monday, December 27 (fwd)

From: Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>

Centennial Panel I: Interpreting Nabokov -- Puzzles and Problems

3:30-4:45 p.m. Haymarket, Hyatt Regency

Presiding: Ellen I. Pifer, U of Delaware

1. "How Should We Read (and Interpret) Nabokov's Work?" Julian W.
Connolly, U of Virginia

2. "Nabokov's 'Indivisible Monism': A Metaphysical Problem Ignored," Dana
Luiza Dragunoiu, U of Toronto

3. "The Figure of the Fool in the Master's Later Novels," Paul Neubauer, U
of Freiburg

4. "Charlotte's Revenge in _Lolita_," Sarah Herbold, U of California,


Centennial Panel II: Interpreting Nabokov -- Reassessments and

5:15-6:30 p.m., Haymarket, Hyatt Regency

Presiding: Galya Diment, U of Washington

1. "Rethinking Nabokov's 'Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster," Lisa
Zunshine, U of California, Santa Barbara

2. "What's in a Literal Translation: Nabokov's Pushkin and the Other
English _Eugene Onegins_," Lioubov Iouzina-Tarvainen, Helsinki University

3. "My _Onegin_, Your _Onegin_: The Strange Case of Alexander Nabokov and
Vladimir Pushkin," Michael Eskin, Sidney Sussex College

4. "Nabokov's Metamorphoses: Translation and Transformation in _Ada_," K.
Andrew Wallace, U of Toronto.


IVNS MLA Dinner will follow the sessions and will take place in RUSSIAN
TEA TIME Restaurant, 77 E. Adams St (tel. 312-360-0000). I need to know a
rough number of people who plan to attend so that I can make proper
reservations -- so please let me know.

Galya Diment