Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: The British film, "Onegin" (fwd)

Shoko Miura wrote:

> The film has already been given a preview in St. Petersburg, > but
Martha said that the Russian reaction to the film surprised > her. "I
found out why no one had made a film of the story before," > she said.
"Pushkin was their God, not to be touched, especially > by foreigners.
Their reaction was, 'How dare you!'" -------------------------------- I
guess why they reacted in such way. It isn't a "beautiful love story" at
all. What would you say if Brazilians made "soap opera" on the base of
Shakespeare's sonnets or Kronenberg made horror movie by the plot of
Dante's "... Comedy"? Even Tchaikovsky's opera is worth listening for the
sake of music only. Nabokov have not risked to make poetical translation.
I wonder how he would ridicule at film!