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LOLITA Bibliography (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Mikhail Armalinskii, who seems to be the major U.S.
purveyor of Russian-language erotica, sends the items below. If you read
Russian and are having a slow day, you might check out his "Haluvinovoie
Lolitstvo" (Halloween Lolitadom-?) and let NABOKV-L know what it is and
its connection with LO--if any?

From: mp@mipco.com

Text below is in Russian transliterating.

Dorogie Zriteli!

Chitaite TRETII vipusk literaturnogo zhurnaltsa Mikhaila Armalinskogo
General Erotic:
Haluvinovoie Lolitstvo, ili Naslazhdenia i Strakhi Pozdnego Detstva.

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