Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VN Bibliography: Boyd, "Nabokov's Pale Fire" (fwd)

I was in Powell's book store in Portland, Oregon -- one of the biggest
bookstores in the world -- Monday night, and to my surprise found a used
copy of "Nabokov's Blues"! The book was sold to the store, which carries
new and used books together on its shelves, by a local book reviewer who
obviously didn't appreciate what she had. Naturally, I bought it, and at
first glance it is a beautiful piece of work, a thorough and clearly
written inspection of an aspect of Nabokoviana that many might think is
either subsidiary or, worse, simply daunting. Not only that, but the
physical book itself is well-produced, an increasingly more rare thing in
modern publishing.

Re: Brian Boyd and "Pale Fire." Some members who are unfamiliar with the
five or six columns that New York Observer writer Ron Rosenbaum has written
on Boyd and his new book about "Pale Fire" can find them all at
http://www.observer.com by doing an on-site search for either Rosenbaumn or
Nabokov. Rosenbaum is a interesting and dedicated Nabokovian, and often
comments on high profile VN-related books and movies.

D K Holm