Vladimir Nabokov

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Publication of vol I of the Pleiade Collected Nabokov.
EDITOR's NOTE. A major moment in Nabokov studies! Maurice Couturier, the
pre-eminent French Nabokov specialist and editor of the Pleiade Nabokov,
announces below the appearance of the first vol. of the set. It contains
most of VN's Russian novels (in French translation) in 1400 pages. More
important for non-French readers, however, are the very extensive
annotations prepared by the distinguished editorial board---320 pp. set in
in small type.

From: Maurice Couturier <couturie@taloa.unice.fr>

Vladimir Nabokov, Oeuvres romanesques complètes, Edition
publiée sous la direction de Maurice Couturier, Paris, NRF-Gallimard,
"Bibliothèque de la Pléiade", 1999.

Textes traduits, présentés et annotés par Genia et René Cannac, Maurice
Couturier, Yvonne Couturier, Alexandre Dolinine, Doussia Ergaz, Suzanne
Fraysse, Bernard Kreise, Georges Magnane, Jarl Priel, Christine
Raguet-Bouvart, Marcelle Sibon, Marcel Stora, Laure Troubetzkoy et
Wladimir Troubetzkoy.

Chronologie par Brian Boyd.


Introduction: "Nabokov ou la poétique de l'ailleurs". Maurice Couturier,
pp. IX-L

Chronologie par Brian Boyd, pp. LI-LXXII
Note sur la présente édition: pp. LXXIII-LLVI
Texts of the following novels , pp. 1-1400:
Roi, dame, valet
La défense Lougine
Le guetteur
Rire dans la nuit + Chambre obscure
La méprise
Invitation au supplice

Notices, Notes et Variantes by Maurice Couturier, Alexandre Dolinine,
Suzanne Fraysse, Bernard Kreise, Christine Raguet-Bouvart, Laure
Troubetzkoy et Wladimir Troubetzkoy, all co-edited by Alexander Dolinin.
pp. 1401-1720 (printed in much smaller type face than the novels).

The volume comes out officially this week (12,000 copies for the first
printing). Price: 495FF (450FF the first few months).