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Jeff Edmunds show opens today (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Jeff Edmunds is the founding editor of ZEMBLA, the splendid
web page of the International Vladimir Nabokov Society, operated under the
aegis of the Penn State Libraries, where he works. The multi-talented
Edmunds is, by training, an artist. Among his works are the caricatures
that graced the early issues of NABOKOV STUDIES (whereof he was associate
editor) and the paintings that accompanied his GREAT TOOL HOAX, a
beautifully simulated conterfeit of the fragmentary manuscript of VN's
_The Original of Laura_. The web version included several paintings that
will be among those at the new exhibit announced below.

Edmunds has also done several translations from French and Russian and
scholarly articles, as well as original prose. Some of the last is to
appear in Russian translation in the prestigious journal _Inostrannaya
literatura_ (Moscow).

NABOKV-L congratulates Jeff on his latest acheivement.
From: Gkorovina@aol.com

Jeff Edmunds' show of his recent oil paintings (including Laura
portrait) opens today.

Marty Edmunds and Jeff Edmunds
Recent works
Oil on canvas
On exhibit at The Art Alliance
818 Pike Street, Lemont, PA
Opening reception October 8, 1999