Vladimir Nabokov

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Fwd: Nabokov Video (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. I assume the querer has in mind the Robert Hugh's TV
interview which Indiana University does have for rental at a nominal
price. It is listed in their catalogue (see your university audio-visual
people) under something like "The Novel: Nabokov". Some copies have very
poor sound quality but the it is the best thing of the sort I have seen.

On a different matter: do check out Juan Martinez's "VN Appreciation Page
'Waxwing'" at the address below.

>From Juan Martinez (jmm80625@mail.ucf.edu)

-- Juan is a Creative Writing major at the University of Central
Florida. He also runs Waxwing, the VN Appreciation Site
The following query came my way and I meant to pass it on a while ago.
(Incidentally, Amazon.Com lists a VHS tape entitled "Nabokov on Kafka",
apparently a dramatic recreation of the relevant portion of VN's
_Lectures on Literature_, found at
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6302125901/ )

"There is a video which I saw on National Educational Television in
the 1960's in which Nabokov is interviewed in Switzerland. This was
available from the University of Indiana I believe. It was terrific. I
remember VN as
saying something to the effect that in writing he is cheating creation
by creating something himself. Do you know where i can obtain a copy?
It's about $100 but well worth it." --Justin Beirne

-- http://pigbodine.tripod.com