Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: VN and Hitchcock: a belated query (fwd)
Mr. Muede replies to Peter Kartsev's query:

hitchcock never made the film that nabokov proposed, which was to be about
an astronaut who goes to outer space and returns to earth a bit different
(nabokov promised hitchcock a great "denouement"). however, this story had
long been on his mind, because in 1952 he published a short story called
lance which was roughly about the same thing. it was initially hitchcock
who approached nabokov to write a screenplay for a cold war spy thriller
he was planning to make, but when nabokov declined the offer hitchcock
turned to the irish novelist brian moore, who wrote the the magician's
wife, to write the script. their collaboration produced a weak film called
torn curtain, which stars paul newman and julie andrews.