Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Additional info on NABOKOV'S BUTTERFLIES by Boyd/Pyle
EDITOR's NOTE. I'm still trying to get a publication date on this. I know
the book was delayed.

>From Mary Bellino (iambe@javanet.com:

The web address for the book's publisher is http://www.beacon.org/
(Beacon Press is technically a nonprofit, hence the "org"). Nabokov's
Butterflies is under their Summer 1999 catalogue, or you can go directly
to the page at http://www.beacon.org/su99cat/nabokov.html ("Nabokov's"
is misspelled on the web page, so a search might not turn it up). I'm
pretty sure you can order the book online via a link to the Unitarian
bookstore (the press is really an offshoot of the Unitarian Universalist
churh, a fine old New England institution), or you could try Amazon.com,
since Beacon's page has a link to them. My experience with Barnes and
Novble is that messages and notices on their site are not always
I don't think Beacon sells directly to the public, but you could also
try having your local bookstore order it for you. Please let us know if
the book is really unavailable, as some of us might be trying to order
it too!