Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Varia
1) The famed Polish philosophical science fiction writer Boleslaw Lem
wrote a long essay on LOLITA in 1962. There is now a Russian translaion of
it at
The site includes still other intering Nabokoviana.

2) "Life & Leisure" (Section G) of the Albany "Times Union" for Sun.,
April 18th, 1999, pp. G1, G3 has Michael Lopez's article "The Karner Blue
Muse" that Nabokov memorialized in PNIN.

3) Nadezhda Grigor'eva offers a singularly ill-informed brief review of
the Russian translation of Vladimir Alexandrov's NABOKOV's OTHERWORLD in
Nezavisimaya gazeta's Knizhnoe obozrenie, "Ex Libris" NG, of 27 May, 1999.

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