Vladimir Nabokov

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Pia Pera's _Lo's Diary_
The New YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW of 26 Sept. 1999, p. 35 has an article
"Lolita and the Lawyers" written by atorney Martin Grabus. Grabus
represented Barney Russet's Foxrock in the out-of-court settlement of
Dmitri Nabokov's threateded suit over Pia Pera's "reimaging of Vlaimir
Nabokov's 'Lolita' from Lolita's point of view. Under the negotiated
settlement, the book will soon appear with a preface by Dmitri Nabokov.
Garbus' essay deals with the complex legal (and moral) issues attending
property rights infringement.

Additionally, and new to me, is the description of Pia Pera as the holder
of "a doctorate in Russian and has written extensively on Russian
literature and translated Pushkin, Herzen, and Lermontov."