Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: New Thomas Urban Book: Nabokov addresses in Berlin (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Gavriel Shapiro, who is in Berlin doing VN research,
earlier mentioned his visits to VN haunts. I would also mention Daniela
Rippl's _Vladimir Nabokov: Sein Leben in Bildern und texten_ (Berlin,
Alexander Fest , 1998) contains photographs of VN's Berlin. Also, see
ZEMBLA for other pictures and info on VN's Berlin years.
From: Gavriel Shapiro <Shapiro@AmericanAcademy.DE>

As a matter of fact, I have Thomas Urban's new _Vladimir
Nabokov: Blaue Abende in Berlin_ (Berlin: Prophylaen, 1999). Urban
discusses Nabokov's time in Berlin and tracks his various homes and haunts
in the city. When I went to see VN sites, I brought it along with me, as
it maps not only all VN residences but also some other Russian cultural
institutions of the time, such as the offices of _Rul'_ (The Rudder) and
the Russian cabaret, Der Blaue Vogel, as well as the Wilmersdorf City Hall
where Vladimir and Vera got married. It is a valuable book.