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Update on NABOKOV's BLUES, by Kurt Johnson & Steve Coates
EDITOR's NOTE. I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of NABOKOV'S
BLUES. It is a fascinating book that casts new light on Nabokov, not only
on his much underrated career as a lepidopterist, but on his approach to
life and art. The book will be officially out on October 1st.
Kurt Johnson, one of the two authors, is a well-known
lepidopterist who, like Nabokov, once worked at the American Museum of
Natural History in New York. NABOKV-L hopes to arrange an interview and
question & answer session with him after publication.

Nabokov's Blues Receives "Starred" Reviews

As followup to posting about Nabokov's Blues: The Scientific Odyssey of a
Literary Genius by Kurt Johnson and Steve Coates (Zoland Books, October 1st
release, ISBN 1-58195-009-8, 368 pp., 8 pp. illustrations and maps, $27.00
[discounted at b&n and amazon .coms].

The book, the first major study of Vladimir Nabokov's lepidoptery, has received
the rating "Exceptional Merit and Interest" from Publishers Weekly (Sept. 6) and
"Outstanding in its Genre" from the American Library Association's Booklist
magazine (Oct. 1). Publishers Weekly says "Readers with a taste for science and
literature will love this book", whose mix of literature and science is "rarely
attempted" and which is "both entertaining and polymathically informative--
rather like the English/Russian, naturalist/novelist, scholar/artist Nabokov
himself". Booklist says "Nabokov's...reputation as a scientist is firmly
established", "it is an insightful and lively look at science in a life and an
extraordinary life, in part, in science".