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Query: Nabokov's female "spirits" (fwd)

Hello, everyone!

Could the members of NABOKV-L suggest further reading on the topic
of the presence/influence of the female "spirits" in Nabokov.
I want to make sure I am not missing any book
or article that has discussed the subject at length. The following works
have discussed the subject at various angles:

Ellen Pifer. "'Shades of Love' : Nabokov's Intimations of Immortality",
Gennady Barabtarlo. "Grandmother's Charm ( The Enchanter)"
W. W. Rowe. 'Nabokov's Spectral Dimension'
D. Barton Johnson. 'Worlds in Regression'
Maxim Shrayer. ' The World of Nabokov's Stories'
Brian Boyd. 'The American Years. ( Part on 'Pnin')
Brian Boyd, new work on 'Pale Fire', which I am yet to read.
Vladimir Alexandrov. 'Nabokov's Otherworld'.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Please, respond to me directly : eara@uhura.cc.rochester.edu

Thank you.
Elena Sommers
University of Rochester
Department of Modern Languages and Culture.