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Nabokov Society Eveents at MLA-AATSEEL: Washington D.C. Dec. 2000
There will be two Nabokov Society panels at MLA:

PANEL (#162): "Cross-Dressing: Nabokov as Novelist, Nabokov as

DATE/TIME: THURSDAY December 28, 2000
10:15am - 11:30am>
LOCATION: Wilson B, Marriott Wardman Park

Paper: "Nabokov's Butterflies: The Artistic Legacy"

Presenter: Brian Boyd (University of Auckland)
(Brian Boyd is unable to attend, but his paper
will be read and questions responded to by Donald
Barton Johnson)

Paper: "Recognizing Vladimir Nabokov's Scientific Legacy"

Presenters: Kurt Johnson (Florida State Collection of
Arthropods) & Steve Coates (The New York Times)

Paper: "Erotic Entomology in Ada"

Presenter: Liana Ashenden (Cambridge University)


"Vladimir Nabokov: Open Session". Also at the Marriot, Thomas Paine Room,

1. Dana Dragunoiu (Toronto) "Cincinnatus C.'s 'Gnostical Turpitude' and
A.A. Bogdanov's 'Socially Organized Experience'
2. David Stuart Rutledge (New Orleans) "Nabokov's Flaws: The Metaphysics of
3. David A. Galef (Mississippi) "Nabokov in Fat City"
The International Vladimir Nabokov Society also offers a panel at the
concurrent (with MLA) Annual Convention of the American Association of
Teachers of Slavic & E. European Languages (AATSEEL) which takes place at
the Capital Hilton at 16th & K St.

Chair: Charles Nicol, University of Washington
Slot: December 29, 2000, 8:00–10:00 a.m.

Paper Title: Nabokov’s Scientists in The Gift
Author: Stephen Blackwell, University of Tennessee

Paper Title: Vladimir Nabokov’s Apprenticeship in André Gide’s “Science of
Illumination”: From The Counterfeiters to The Gift
Author: Leonid Livak, Davidson College

Paper Title: Nabokov’s Otherworldly Mermaid: “Spring in Fialta”
Author: Elena Rakhimova-Sommers, University of Rochester

Paper Title: Planes of Reality in Nabokov’s Pnin
Author: Natalia Lechtchenko, Brown University

And also:

Panel: Literature in Exile

Paper Title: Modern Exile and Spatial Form: Nabokov’s Ada or Ardor: A
Family Chronicle
Author: Anita Kondoyanidi, Indiana University of Pennsylvania