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Fw: Christmas at the Nabokov House (St. Petersburg)
EDITOR's NOTE. As most of you know, the Nabokov family residence so
lovingly described in _Speak, Memory_, is now the St. Petersburg Nabokov
Museum. Olga Voronina, the museum's Deputy Director, extends holiday
greetings to all. (Russian Orthodox Xmas is celebrated about two-weeks later
than "our" December 25th.)

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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Although Russian Christmas is still
far away, we're
ready to celebrate with the rest of the world. Repairs
at the museum are over, and it looks absolutely
beautiful now. Even the doors and door handles haven
been brought to such a condition that they shine like
new. We've got a new (spectacular) modern art gallery
and new office facilities. The old varnish and dirt
have been scrubbed away to reveal the old wood -
looking clean and beautiful and feeling warm to the
touch. It's a pleasure to anticipate the New
Year's holidays in such a lovely environment (and
after 6 months of total mess).