Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: french essays
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Does anyone happen to know if English translations exist of Nabokov's
French essays "L'ecrivain et l'epoque" and "Pouchkine, ou le vrai et le
vraisemblable"? And if so, where?
Dear Eugene Scribe [!?]

"Pouchkine..." appeared in Dmitri Nabokov's English translation as
"Pushkin, or the Real and the Plausible" in _The New York Review of Books_
31 March 1988, pp. 38-42.

"L'ecrivain et l'epoque" _Le Mois_ #6 (1 June-1 Jukly 1931), 137-39 has not
appeared in English -- so far as I know. If anyone is aware of an English
translation, please let us know.