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VN Bibliography--Blackwell's ZINA's PARADOX

Stephen H. Blackwell <sblackwe@utk.edu>

Zina's Paradox: The Figured Reader in Nabokov's Gift,

Peter Lang, Middlebury Studies in Russian Language and Literature vol.
23 (2000)
The first book-length study of Nabokov's last complete Russian novel,
Zina's Paradox presents a fundamental reinterpretation of the novel's
narrative form, placing Zina, the hero's beloved, at the very center of
the novel's significance. The work surveys the literary ideology of the
Russian emigration, and also finds striking new evidence for the role of

Iulii Aikhenvald in young Nabokov's intellectual development. In
addition to exploring the metaphorical richness to be found in the
concept of artistic reading, the study also offers the first extended
treatment of the novel's love theme, tracing its relationship to various

literary and philosophical traditions.

232pp, bibliography, index
ISBN: 0-8204-4883-4
The book can be orderd at Amazon.com or at www.peterlang.com

Table of Contents:

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Scheme or Dream? Imagining the Emigration 12
Toward an emigre Literary Ideology 12
Aikhenvald and the Philosophy of Reading 25

Chapter 2 How to Be Happy: Living with an Artist 37

Chapter 3 The Structure of the Problematic Reading 58

Chapter 4 Tales of Reading 86

Chapter 5 Art's Romance in The Gift 112

6 Conclusion
The Boundaries of Art: Reading as Transcendence 141

Notes 169

Bibliography 199

Index 209


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