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Fw: Stravinsky and Nabokov
EDITOR's NOTE. In re Kiran's original note (at bottom) Daniel Albright, who
has a particular interest in music-literature, has written (separate )books
dealing with Nabokov and Stravinsky.
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You can't see Provokiev? His `Romeo and Juliet' strikes me as so
(albeit bombastically) representative of the text that even Pnin would be
happy with the translation.

Camille Scaysbrook

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> While I was collecting links for m website on Nabokov, I came across a
> review of the opera based on Lolita (The review can be found at
> http://www.time.com/time/magazine/articles/0,3266,22374,00.html), by
> Rodion Schedrin, and the reviewer remarked that the shooting of Quilty
> (which is botched up by the composer) is a scene worthy of Shostakovich.
> To my own mind, however, no one but Stravinsky could have orchestrated
> it, partly because no one else could claim as good, or as Nabokovian, an
> understanding of 'Pop culture'. Since the topic of comparisons
> came up on the forum, has anyone done a comparison of Stravinsky's
> 'operetta,' Oedipus Rex, and Lolita, or for that matter Stravinsky and
> Nabokov (The only artice I could find on the topic, I have since lost)?
> There seem to be a number of interesting parallels, including
> use of movie music, and also the themes of fate and authorial control.

> Cheers!
> Kiran

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