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Fw: Stravinsky and Nabokov
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While I was collecting links for m website on Nabokov, I came across a
review of the opera based on Lolita (The review can be found at
http://www.time.com/time/magazine/articles/0,3266,22374,00.html), by
Rodion Schedrin, and the reviewer remarked that the shooting of Quilty
(which is botched up by the composer) is a scene worthy of Shostakovich.
To my own mind, however, no one but Stravinsky could have orchestrated
it, partly because no one else could claim as good, or as Nabokovian, an
understanding of 'Pop culture'. Since the topic of comparisons
came up on the forum, has anyone done a comparison of Stravinsky's
'operetta,' Oedipus Rex, and Lolita, or for that matter Stravinsky and
Nabokov (The only artice I could find on the topic, I have since lost)?
There seem to be a number of interesting parallels, including Stravinsky's
use of movie music, and also the themes of fate and authorial control.


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