Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Wonderful Color Photograph of Nabokov.
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> In the newly published collected works by photographer Arnold Newman. It
> shows Nabokov and Vera in what could be a public room of the Palace Hotel in
> Montreux. They are seated at a small table and Nabokov turns to face the
> camera with an intimidating, challenging expression. Behind him sits Vera
> calmly ready to pour tea from a delicate china service. It is dated l968.
> Nabokov is wearing a brilliant blue tie.(Someone try to tell us what time his
> watch reads.)
> I have never seen a color photograph of Nabokov before and certainly have
> never seen this photograph published anywhere. The entire book, gorgeously
> oversized, contains portraits of other famous people, many whose portraits
> never have been published. It's always interesting to see wonderful
> professional portraits of famous, rarely, and many times poorly photographed
> reclusive artists whose work you admire.
> Phil Iannarelli
> Cleveland, Ohio