Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: Fw: Objects in dreams

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Dear Ben Dodds,

You should check out, in particular, the dreams in chapter 5 of Bend
Sinister (where, in a nice complement to Wordsworth's insight, rug holds a
"book [that] . . . was in reality a rosewood box shaped and painted to look
like a volume of verse" [p. 81]), and chapter 19 of he Real Life of
Sebastian Knight (where the narrator remarks of his dream that "the common
pebble you find in your fist after having hrust your arm shoulder deep into
water, where a jewel seemed to gleam on pale sand, is really the coveted
gem though it looks like a ebble" [p. 190].

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
Associate Professor of English
Holy Cross College
There are stirrings at the back of my memory of other instances of this
phenomenon in VN's work. Can anyone point them out to me?

Ben Dodds