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NABOKOV, Saul Bellow, & Dominique Nabokov
EDITOR's NOTE. The D. Nabokov who took the Bellow dust jacket photo
mentioned below, is presumably the New photographer Dominique Nabokov who
was born in France and now lives in NY. She is, I think, a member of the
French branch of the Nabokov family. VN would have been mightily amused to
see the dust jacket photo since he once objected vehemently to a publishler
that wanted to blurb a critical study of Bellow on the back of a book about
VN himself.

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Because of the question concerning Saul Bellow and
Vladmir Nabokov which arose in this forum, I have a
slightly different variation of the theme:

while browsing through a newly published novel of
Bellow "Ravelstein" in "Borders", I found a picture of
Saul Bellow printed on the back cover which was taken
by "D.Nabokov".
No further explanation followed.
On what occasion did Dmitrii Nabokov meet Saul Bellow
and took picture of him?
Thank you for your cooperation.
Margarita Meklina