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Fw: J.M. Barrie / H. humbert
EDITOR'S NOTE. Boyd doesn't mention Barrie but it seems likely that Peter
Pan and Barrie were familiar names in the Nabokov Anglophile family. Maybe
Susam Sweeney has some thoughts on this?

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hello Nabokovers,

Please pardon my ignorance -- I've been immersed / submerged / subsumed
in a graduate program in "information science" for two years -- but I
wonder if this has ever been commented upon in the VVN literature:

"After the Llewelwyn Davies boys' father died, Barrie became a surrogate
father, and after their mother died he effectively adopted the boys by
faking their mother's will. "

Reference of course to J.M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan

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