Vladimir Nabokov

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Setting us straight on VN's real story
EDITOR's NOTE. An outfit called "Grade Saver"
displays a "sample?" bio of VN whence the following is extracted. I trust
Brian Boyd, Kurt Johnson?Steve Coates et al will wish to immediate revise
their books.

Biography of Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov's first Russian novel, "Mary," was published that year, but received
little attention. However, the rise of the Nazi's interrupted his growing
literary career and forced him to move to Paris. He continued to write,
publishing the novels King, Queen, Knave in 1928 and The Defense in 1930. He
soon developed a Russian and French reader base that hailed his genius. The
eruption of the war soon caused him to flee Paris for New York in 1940,
along with his son Dmitri who had been born in 1934. Nabokov was age 41 by
this point, and although known among Russian writers, he had not yet reached
an English audience. Money was not a major issue due to his inheritance, but
he nonetheless chose to work. Returning to his hobby of butterfly
collecting, he succeeded in getting a position at the Museum of Natural
History in New York. He was rather successful in his Lepidoptera studies,
and his work includes the naming of several butterflies and the publication
of scientific studies.