Vladimir Nabokov

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ANNOUNCEMENT: NABOKOV panel at MLA Annual Conference: Washington,
D.C. Dec. 2000
PANEL (#162): "Cross-Dressing: Nabokov as Novelist, Nabokov as

DATE/TIME: THURSDAY December 28, 2000
10:15am - 11:30am>
LOCATION: Wilson B, Marriott Wardman Park

Paper: "Nabokov's Butterflies: The Artistic Legacy"

Presenter: Brian Boyd (University of Auckland)
(Brian Boyd is unable to attend, but his paper
will be read and questions responded to by Donald
Barton Johnson)

Paper: "Recognizing Vladimir Nabokov's Scientific Legacy"

Presenters: Kurt Johnson (Florida State Collection of
Arthropods) & Steve Coates (The New York Times)

Paper: "Erotic Entomology in Ada"

Presenter: Liana Ashenden (Cambridge University)