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Mary Karr and VN
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On Fresh Air weekend edition (10/8/00), Mary Karr (professor at Syracuse
University, and writer of the 'widely acclaimed' Memoir "The Liar's Club"
and a recently published second memoir "Cherry" ) ;when prompted if she
would like her son to read her memoirs, mentioned Dmitri Nabokov's
relationship with his father ("...I could never have had a better son
etc..."). A little something.
EDITOR's NOTE. The contrast of VN's idyllic account of his Russian
childhood in _Speak Memory_ with Mary Karr's hard scrabble Texas childhood
is intruiging. CF. Molly Ivins review in The Nation: "This book is so
good,....it's like finding Beethoven in Hoboken. To have a poet's precision
of language and a poet's insight into people applied to one of the roughest,
toughest, ugliest places in America is an astonishing event.