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Fw: Fw: Query re "La Veneziana"

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I do not know what kind of text this is, but judging by the length indicated, I would think it is at least an in-depth review:
Le Marinel, J., " Nouvelles << La Venitienne et autres nouvelles >>, de Vladimir Nabokov" ECOLE DES LETTRES -SECOND CYCLE- VOL 89; NUMBER 10 (1998); 51-66
ISSN:0765-6017; Publisher: L'ECOLE DES LETTRES II
Please note: I did not verify the reference - I only copied it from a database.

Ludger Tolksdorf

EDITOR's Note. A.I.Rogova has a piece (Rasskaz "Venetsianka" V.v. Nabokova
(K probleme temy tvorchestva u Pushkina i Nabokova), pp. 132-38 in _A.S.
Pushkin i V.V. Nabokov_ St-P., Dorn, 1999. See also M. Malikova's
annotations in the Symposium edition of VN.
Please send copies of other references to NABOKV-L as well as Lara

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> Dear list members,
> does anyone know whether any study of "La Veneziana", apart from Maxim
> Shrayer's, has been published to date?
> Could you please answer personally.
> Thanks,
> Lara Delage-Toriel
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