Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: Invoking Nabokov
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I finish each day in bed with a martini reading light
(undemanding!) fiction (I didn't actually say "trash").
in Erik Tarloff's _The Man Who Wrote the Book_ (about
a professor who writes a "pornographic" novel that is
a financial success) p 204 line 17 ff read "Later that
day, he devised, if not a topic, then at least a title,
"In/Signification and Dys/Lexicography: A (Mis)Reading
of Nabokov's _Ada_". Later he'd have to figure out
what it meant."

At the top of page 230 it is claimed that his the
professors book, "_Every Inch A Lady_ was compared to
_Lolita_ (more, it's true, because of the latter's
provenance, Girodias's Olympia Press in Paris, than on
the basis of intrinsic literary quality..."

Has VV become sort of a latter days Muse to be in-
voked by authors (as well as reviewers and critics)?

EDITOR's NOTE. Yes, Very much so. Note, for example, the title of poet Billy
Collin's recent _...picninc, lightning_. It might be amuzing to compile such
a list. There is some of the sort at Juna Martinez's