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Fw: Fw: Another cinematic clone of LOLITA?
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> Although I haven't seen the film myself, but the video description at
> amazon.com contains two pieces of information that do seem to imply a
> parodical relation to Lolita:
> 1) the mother dies in a car accident
> 2) the girl's name is Charlotte
> Reviewers praised the film for its comedy as well as its realism; was
> perhaps stating that pedophilia can be a serious problem for more "normal"
> people that HH, too?
> 2 out of 11 reviewers, incidentally, were from Texas.
> Ludger Tolksdorf
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> >I haven't looked at this picture in some time, but as I recollect it, it
> > really doesn't qualify as a cinematic clone of Lolita. For one thing,
> > protagonist Remi is in no way a connoisseur of nymphets. A bit of a
> > perhaps, but no Humbert. It's the girl who kind of forces himself on
> >Well, not forces; obviously he could say no. The whole thing seems to be
> > sex farce on the surface, but is more about loss and grief and
> > eventually; like a lot of Blier's best work, what seems
> > nudge-nudge-wink-winkish about it eventually grows more desolate and
> > profound. It's eventually pretty sad, and lead actor Patrick Deweare
> > the sadness beautifully. Perhaps he wasn't playing, as he committed
> > not too long after this picture was released in the U.S. Incidentally,
> > previous Blier film, Get Out Your Handkerchiefs, concerns two best
> > (played by Deweare and Gerard Depardieu) who form a menage a trois with
> > Depardieu's sullen wife; she eventually dumps them both for an
> >approximately
> > a 13-year-old boy; the main joke here is that it's the two adult males
> >ACT
> > like 13-year-olds. In any case, most of Blier's films deal with
> >or
> > perversity of some sort. As noteworthy and excellent as many of them
> > none can really be described as Nabokovian. He comes to his subject
> >in
> > his own way, and on his own terms.
> >
> > Glenn Kenny
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