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EDITOR's NOTE. The Vidal "Black Swan" business has come up before on
NABOKV-L. In a message of 29 Mar 1999. Both "Black Swan of Swiss-American
letters and "Swan of Lac Leman" are correction. Mac Reynolds reports:

In his May 12, 1074, essay in The Observer, Vidal wrote: "Alas, the Black
Swan of Swis-American letters has a lot of explaining to do (no singing,
singing, however: we need the swan for many a future summer).: He goes on to
call Nabokov "the Swan of Lac Leman" and says, "At these moments, our proud
Black Swan becomes an uneasy goose, fearful of being cooked by Cornell's
board of regents."
You can find this essay reprinted in two of Vidal's essay collections:
"Matter of Facr and Fiction" (Random House, 1973)...and "United States
(Random, 1993."
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> Actually I think he called him "the black swan of Lac Leman." It is in a
> book of his essays that I have somewhere but can't lay my hands on.
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> Subject: Vidal essay cite? (fwd)
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> > >Gore Vidal's essay, "Professor Nabokov", is priceless. He calls VN "the
> > >black swan of Swiss-American letters".
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> > >Alphonse Vinh
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> > Where did this essay appear? I could use a mid-afternoon read. Might
> > a nice email tagline, too.
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