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Lolita Production in Milan (fwd)
From: Camille Scaysbrook <>

Coincidentally, I was about to ask the same thing. Last week I was reading a
biography of Judy Garland, which mentioned that her daughter Lorna Luft won
the part of Lolita in an off-broadway production in the mid-to-late
seventies. She ended up losing the part - but being quite amused when the
production itself was a rip-roaring failure. I too would be interested in
reading or hearing the Lolita musical - for the mere interest in seeing
whether it produces in me the same painful shudders as did Andrew Lloyd
Webber's adaptation of `Sunset Boulevard'

Camille Scaysbook

> From:
> Jay Lerner wrote a musical on Lolita? Is it recorded?
> Phil Iannarelli