Vladimir Nabokov

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Lolita Production in Milan (fwd)
From: Colombo Tommaso <ColomboT@PiccoloTeatroMilano.it>

Good morning,

my name is Tommaso Colombo.
I'm working at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Italy, in a project about a plan
on Ronconi's work.

Lolita, the Luca Ronconi's next performance, starting on January 2001, in
our theatre. This performance is based on the Vladimir Nabokov screenplay.

I'm planning a web site for this event and I'm looking for information about
previous editions of Lolita (the films, the Albee's performance, the musical
by Jay Lerner, the Shchedrin's opera).

If you can help me in this research, please, contact me at

Thanks for your attention.

Sincerely yours

Tommaso Colombo