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Fw: Lolita, a query
I found a very interesting answer to my question (reproduced below)
regarding Lolita in
Priscilla Meyer's "McAdam, McEve and McFate", which I found in "The
achievements of Vladimir Nabokov : essays, studies, reminiscences, and
stories from the Cornell Nabokov Festival" ed. George Gibian and Stephen
Jan Parker. The thesis itself is very interesting, and though I disagree
with elements of it, her case is well argued.


. You might keep track and see what you come up with.

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At the end of Part 1, Chapter 24, Humbert says that Annabel's 'seaside
limbs and ardent tongue' remained with him ' until at last, twenty-four
years later, I broke her spell by incarnating her in another."

However, in Chapter 10, in describing his finding the 'little princess in
gypsy rags' again, he says that the twenty-five years he had lived until
then 'tapered to a palpitating point and vanished.'
The other clues to the time between the two incidents also seem to suggest
that the latter measurement is the right one. In Chapter 1, he says that
he had loved Lolita's precursor 'about as many years before Lolita was
born as my age was that summer'. In Chapter 2, he identifies his age as 13
repeatedly. Lolita, according to her mother in Chapter 11 and in Chapter
15 (and again in Chapter 19) is 12.

Is this a typo, or was it intentional?

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