Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0005470, Sat, 9 Sep 2000 09:17:31 -0700

Fw: Finding e-addresses of NABOKV-L subscribers
EDITOR's NOTE. SHould you want to get in direct contact with any other
NABOKV-L subscriber, here are instructions. My thanks to Alex Rudd of the
SEELANGS list from whom I borrowed the content.

In case you're ever trying to locate the e-mail address
of a nabokv-l subscriber, a quick and easy way to do it
is to search the nabokv-l membership roster. You can
search by first name, last name, first name and last name,
or any part of an e-mail address. The command syntax is:

SCAN nabokv-l <search-string>

So, for example, the command:

SCAN nabokv-l Schillinger

would result in your being sent this:

John Schillinger <jschill@AMERICAN.EDU>
SCAN: One match.

Or, let's say, for example, you wanted to pull
up the names and e-mail addresses of all list
members at American University. You could send
the command:


and that would get you this:

Jocelyn Pace <jp3024a@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU>
Alina Israeli <aisrael@AMERICAN.EDU>
John Schillinger <jschill@AMERICAN.EDU>
SCAN: 3 matches.

(That works because "AMERICAN" is part of the e-mail

By the way, for what it's worth, as this is an academic
discussion list, I'm sure you all have no problem with
your colleagues' being able to locate you in this manner.
However, if you do, you can conceal your presence on the
list by sending the command:


Big question now is: Where do you send all these commands?

Send them in the body (not the Subject line)
of e-mail to: