Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Kellman
Shoko Miura of the Japanese Nabokov Society, has called my attention to a
new book called _The Translingual Imagination_ by Steven G. Kellman
(Lincoln: U. of Nebraska Press, 2000): ISBN 0-8032-2745-0.

The gracefully written volume is a series of essays on writers who write
in languages other than their native tongue -- such as Nabokov, Eva Hofman,
Louis Begley, Coetzee, Beckett, and others. Chapter 5, "Nabokov and the
Psychomorphology of Zemblan" sketches VN's use of diverse real and
pseudo-languages. Although some of the essays are quite good, Professor
Kellman has little to say about the specific mechanisms of translingualism,
i.e., examples of how in a particular sentence or work, language A affects
representation in language B.
This relatively unexplored aspect of Nabokov's style offeres and
extremely fertile area for bilingual Nabokv scholars. Professor Kellman's
book is a good intoduction . Elizabeth Beaujour's _Alien Tongues_ (1989)
offers a more focused treatment while W.W. Rowe's examines specifiec
examples of Russian's impact on VN's English style in his first Nabokov