Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0005426, Tue, 1 Aug 2000 13:15:59 -0700

VN Bibliography: Maramzin, etc.

Galya Korovina <gkorovina@aol.com> has kindly sent NABOKV-L two recent
issues of the venerable New York Russian paper NOVOE RUSSKOE SLOVO (known
among non-Cyrillic-reading New Yorkers as HOBO CLOBO).

The issue of 8-9 July 2000 contains Vladimir Marazin's "Nabokov's Lesson:
Leningrad--the Sixties" (p.34). Maramzin, a Petersburg experimental writer,
describes his clandestine first acquaintance with LOLITA in the mid-sixties
and the reactions of many of his writer friends to VN's work. Maramzin's
essay is a shortened version of his talk at the PAris International
Conference "VN in the Mirror of the XXth Century" organized by Nora Buhks
at the Sorbonne in the fall of 1999. The papers will be published in full.


Maramzin's essay is accompanied by an article by Galya Korovina "His
Name---Vladimir Nabokov" in which she tells the story of how Carl Proffer
prevailed upon VN to write a public letter to the Leningrad Writers Union
protesting Maramzin's eventual arrest. The nicely illustrated article
serves as in introduction to an excerpt from VN's THE ENCHANTER.