Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: VN mention
EDITOR's NOTE. Many years ago, Robert Boyle, mentioned below, published an
article describibg a butterfly outing with VN in, I think, the Southwest.
The article, one excellent one, appeared, of all places in Sports

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> In the Bookend section of today's NYTBR, Robert H. Boyle ponders a
> possible connection (more tongue in cheek than real but he does
> find a surprisingly large number of fish names in FINNEGANS WAKE) between
> James Joyce and Preston Jennings. He bases it on the pictures of the two
> where they do quite shockingly resemble each other, and uses as a
> justification VN's quote from PNIN:
> "The resemblance between the two is extraordinary, down to the optical
> objects in the right hand. Recalling that Vladimir Nabokov, whom I once
> accompanied on a butterfly chase in Arizona, maintained that Salvador Dali
> was Norman Rockwell's twin brother, who had been kidnapped by Gypsies, I
> decided to write a facetious article stating that Joyce and Jennings had
> been separated at birth. I thought that just two or three fishing
> references would suffice for a short comic piece. Instead, I discovered
> so many that I could fill a book."
> Galya Diment