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Re: A Pale Fire Movie Scenario? (fwd)
From: mary krimmel <mkrimmel@sciti.com>

Walter Miale wrote:

>...But still and all--ruined? Ruined? Would it ruin the novels to see Zero
>Mostel as Bloom, Nastasia Kinski as Tess of the d'Urbervilles, or Shelley
>Winters as Charlotte Haze? Did Chabrol ruin the experience of Madame
>Bovary? Did Godard ruin King Lear?...

I know practically nothing of movies (though I did make a point of seeing
both Lolitas), and I can't remember ever hearing of Godard. But I still
protest this inclusion of Lear in your list of questions.

Shakespeare didn't write novels.

I've heard student after student remark that he understood Oedipus Rex
(Macbeth, Streetcar named Desire,...) better after seeing the movie. Some
were even mystified as to why.

And even as a movie ignoramus, I'm enjoying this discussion much. Thanks to

Mary Krimmel